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PUZZLE PIECES(for the lack of a better name.OTL) LUKAI/KAILU

100 Bed-Time Fics.9th Fragment

TITLE:Puzzle Pieces
PAIRING: KaiLu[Kai x Luhan]
GENRE: fluff ,romance, (AU!High school)
WORD COUNT: 3300 words
LENGTH: One-Shot
SUMMARY:In which Luhan keeps kissing Kai (accidentally, of course) And Kai keeps entertaining thoughts of punching Luhan’s perfect face.
A/N: Meaningless, Plotless, shoot le fic-desu...Okay, stop.this isn't working... For arenloki. Late birthday fic is pretty damn late...and lame, but only because you pushed me to do this in such a short time!( the other reason being my crappy writing, that is).Anyway, I hope you like it ^^

It was a vague feeling at first.The slightest of a pressure against his lips that somehow felt wrong; out of place. His slackened senses hardly registered the warm puffs of air ghosting over his slightly parted lips, much less the soft,warm mouth breathing -brisk and shallow-into his. They were, if anything, just a passive inclination that his lips were somewhere they were not supposed to be. His senses stirred. No. He couldn’t be...He couldn’t possibly be...

A soft whimper from somewhere right beside him reverberating through his lips put a final end to the dilemma sluggishly winding through his brain. Yes. he was indeed kissing.Kissing a very unsuspecting pair of lips which had somehow found their way towards his mouth during the night; thin, bony arms having snaked their way around his waist.

His heart sank at the prospect of what his sleep-clad mind had yet to comprehend.His eyes jolted open, body jerking backwards as his hands pushed at the sleeping form beside him with fierce fervor .Some sane part of his brain yelled at him to not pull away too abruptly. So part of him tried to comply. The operative word being ‘tried’.For he failed.Failed with flying colors at that.

The next thing he knew he was gazing into Luhan’s half-lidded eyes, squinting through the dark and blinking up at him in confusion from where he lay sprawled across the floor.

“K-kai?” Luhan choked out at last, bony arms pendulating as they traversed between his head and his back in rapid succession; torn between going to his hair, confused ;and reaching back to rub his tortured behind, agonized.

“What’s going on?” He croaked,voice hoarse from sleep.

“Couldn't you have gotten any closer to me while you slept? You were ,like, literally sleeping right on top of me!” Kai shot back, sparing the other’s sleepy state no mercy.

“But-” Luhan began.

“But what?” Kai demanded, voice rising as he tried to assuage his frantic heartbeat. “And you had my sheets all bundled up underneath you too! I was close to freezing to death!” He shouted, confusing himself almost as much as the other probably was over his outburst. Fine, the two had kissed but it had all been accidental. So why was he over-reacting like that? Besides, such a harmless brush of lips against lips could hardly be classified as kissing by Kai’s standards anyway.

Luhan blinked back at him in silent disquietude, making a visible effort to wrap his head around Kai’s words.
“I’m sorry...I’ll try to stay at my side of the bed from now on.” He promised, voice understandably uncertain. That did it for Jongin. The quiet, apologetic gaze of the elder broke through his unjust fury and made him feel like he’d melt into a puddle if he was subjected to it a second longer.

“Okay, well--” Kai began, rubbing the back of his head, “ get back here.” he spat, resigned but unable to keep the venom out of his voice, “You need to sleep. You still have classes tomorrow.” He said as he scooted over to the far side of the bed, making enough room to fit an equivalent of four people Luhan’s size.

He didn’t look back to watch Luhan scramble over to the bed. Lying on his side he just squeezed his eyes shut, instead, concentrating hard on driving away the sensation that still lingered over his lips; willing the electricity that seemed to be running through his body to die down. Kai felt his heart-beat slow down to normal.Don’t think about it He told himself.Except he couldn't. Somehow the fact that Kai had been the only one to witness the occurrence made it feel all the more forbidden...the realization did him no good .If anything, it fueled the unrest of his mind even further.

It hadn’t been his first kiss by far. Yet none of his other kisses had been with a guy. So maybe his reaction was justified, Kai told himself. He was so far gone in his attempts to shoot the memory with an imaginary revolver that he failed to discern Luhan’s form shifting towards him in the dark, skinny arm reaching out for him, and jumped up a good couple of feet into the air when he felt a light tough to his forearm.

“Luhan-” he breathed out, frowning at how jumpy he was getting. Get a grip, he told himself.

“We should move closer together if you want to stay warmer.” Luhan murmured as he shifted into Kai’s side and Kai had to fight down the urge to punch the older right square in that perfect face. The guy was clinging onto him like a baby koala and he needed none of that. At least not now when his mind was pretty much still in turmoil from the aftereffects of kissing his roommate. Wait did he just call Luhan’s face as perfect? Perfect... Kai groaned as he pulled the covers over his head in frustration, baring Luhan halfway in the process.He took a mental note to talk to the warden about their sleeping arrangement first thing in the morning. He highlighted it once with an imaginary highlighter; then, did it once more --just to be on the safe side.

Luhan woke up early the next morning to an empty bed and with no recollection of the events of the past night. This had him yelping in panic though. For It was still six-thirty in the morning and Kai wasn’t in the bed. Hell must have frozen over for the day had sure come bearing miracles. Actually --scratch that-- Luhan was sure it would take more than even a miracle to get Kai out of bed so early in the morning. Something must be terribly wrong for such an unlikely event to have occurred.

Panicked, Luhan clambered off the bed and hurriedly; grabbed his cell phone before darting out of the room to go look for his roommate.

When he returned from school that day he found a new bed waiting for him right on the spot where his old one had been before it broke into a rubble of wood and cardboard in the middle of the night. He thanked God for answering his prayers before jumping onto the bed, bouncing up and down for good measure before flopping down on it and going to sleep. For some strange reason his back had given him hell all day...

If the first time Luhan kissed Kai brought him a week’s worth of sleepless nights, the second time brought on full-fledge insomnia. To think that they had had half the school for an audience to witness the soul crushingly embarrassing encounter added even further to his mind’s misery and it made his insides cringe to even think about it. Kai tried not to let his mind wander in that direction at all, but wander it did and did so all too often for his liking.

Curse his luck as he might for stepping out of the classroom in the first place, Kai could not help but get mad at Luhan. It was his entire fault. Everything was always his fault.

The tiny part of his brain that protested to him buying cola having to do anything with Luhan he quieted down with a nice, firm kick square in the behind as he continued mulling over it in his head.

Kai told himself it was because he was a hardworking,diligent student who wanted nothing more than to get back to class as soon as he could; to finish with his homework, that he chose to abandon the normal route to the classroom in favor of cutting through the football grounds,going for a short cut instead. The fact that he was a lazy bum did not contribute to the decision one bit. Nope.Not at all.

Kai had been treading with great caution; measuring each step with great precision as he strode along the periphery of the ground.

Walking through the football grounds was never without risk. At any given time the danger of a ball hitting you and leaving your body as well as your ego badly bruised loomed like a predator hidden in the shadows; a constant presence that, albeit invisible, was always there.

But as he took step after careful step, Kai realized he was almost through the dangerous territory. He allowed himself to let out the breath he had he had been holding. Almost through…Almost there… Then he heard it- a babel of voices moving dangerously close behind him. His heart sank as his senses flared to life. He felt it before it happened. The ball skidding past, barely missing his ear by an inch.

He spun around on the spot, eyes threatening to fall out of their sockets as time slowed down to a crawl, everything around him moving in slow motion.

The first thing that met his eyes was Luhan’s frantic face. His eyes wide and mouth spilling incoherent bull as his arms flailed about in the air. Next he felt the crash- the sting of the hard ,rock-solid ground biting into his back as he fell backwards, a heavy weight crashing into his upper torso as Luhan met him in a head-on collision.

It was only later-way later- that he realized there was that weird sensation at his lips again; one that had roused him from his sleep not too long ago. Luhan’s lips were planted over his; the accidental kiss so forceful this time around that he felt like his teeth had crashed into a concrete wall. Kai felt his mind go blank, unable to function a single cell of his brain properly.

Luhan must have retained some degree of mental functioning because he jolted away at once, jerking away like somebody had electrocuted him. He scrambled to get back on his feet, conveniently using Kai’s chest for a prop as he made to stand up, still too baffled to say anything.

A guy on Luhan’s football team, Minseok , who had seen the entire spectacle with his own eyes stopped next to Luhan, bumping into his back lightly before hissing at him, “Apologize!”

Luhan blinked rapidly a couple of times, waking from his daze at Minseok’s words before bending down into a ninety degree bow. “I’m sorry!” he cried, not daring to look jongin in the eye.

Kai stayed put, eyeing Luhan silently, until the later risked stealing a glance at him.

Kai saw the expressions change on Luhan’s face. Whatever he saw must not have been pretty because his eyes widened impossibly. “ Kai I think you need the restroom.”

Kai scrunched up his nose, “What?”

“Your drink; I think you got it in your hair!” Luhan said, reaching out to touch Kai’s hair for confirmation. He made a grossed out face and snatched his hand back as soon as it touched Kai’s hair.

Yeah, and who's doing is that? Kai wanted to snort but was still too shaken for words..

Luhan grabbed him by the arm. “We have to get it out before it dries in there.” He said, Tugging at him till he was up on his feet. He hurried him to the prefect’s restrooms since they were closer by- ignoring that they were out of limits for normal students- took a quick peek inside, then shoved him in, not giving him a chance to protest.

A couple of minutes into the ordeal and Luhan had Kai’s hair wet, water dripping off the locks as they stuck to his forehead. He had forced Kai’s head under the faucet directly to wash the drink out and was now working on his ruined shirt.

Kai leaned back and tried not to concentrate on Luhan’s fingers as they worked at the front of his shirt, dabbing at the material with a wet paper towel as he tried to rub off the thick spot of brown that was getting prominent by the second as the liquid dried.

Luhan kept his eyes glued to his front as he dabbed busily at his shirt, hooking two fingers under the buttons for better leverage. Kai’s breath hitched at the contact as Luhan’s fingers touched him and he thanked the heavens when it went unnoticed. His skin flinched at the cold water, the muscles of his stomach clenching every time Luhan’s fingers met his skin accidently. A whiff of Luhan’s warm breath pushed him to his limit and he cringed back in annoyance, hissing “Luhan! what do you think you are doing?” he demanded. Two of the bottom buttons of his shirt had become undone under Luhan’s ministrations.

“ Shush!” Luhan hissed back, “Don’t move! Its going to stain permanently if we don’t get this off.”

“Yeah well whose fault is this to begin with?”

“ I did shout for you to get out of the way a couple of times .You were just far too absorbed in god-knows-what to notice.” He retorted not looking up from Kai’s stomach, slapping him lightly when he tried to squirm away. “Oh for god’s sake! Stay still now, will you?”

“I’m trying! You keep touching me with those cold bony fingers!” Kai accused.

Silence followed as Luhan continued his futile attempts at getting the stain off before resigning. “I’m afraid your shirt has been ruined.” He announced sadly.

Kai wanted to punch his face. Not because of how he was trying to pull off that puppy-eyed look on him. Not because he had crashed into him and ruined his shirt and his lunch break, either. Only because somehow the recurring kisses, even if mere accidents, had left him with the acute desire to touch his lips. And it was weird, how his insides kept tingling all over from the after effects of what had happened.

Punching Luhan would probably be a stupid idea though,very stupid. So before he could go ahead with his stupidity, Kai turned on his heel and left.


Kai was done thinking about it. He had thought about it so many times, infact, that he felt like his mind would blow up into a million tiny pieces if he continued to think about it any longer. So it was a spur of the moment thing when he slipped out of bed one night, throwing the covers away hastily, and clambered into Luhan’s bed instead, squirming around, trying to fit into the tiny space.

Luhan moved reluctantly and grunted in annoyance, throwing a fleeting punch towards Kai’s general direction while he was at it.

“Move over!” Kai hissed, swatting at Luhan’s hand as he continued worming his way through.

“Why?” Luhan demanded, whining a little when Kai fell into place, leaving Luhan’s body almost entirely pushed into the cold wall.

“Because it’s too cold. I can’t sleep in my own bed alone.” Kai said.

“It’s the mid of july, Kai!” Luhan shot back.

“The air-conditioning is on.” Kai retorted.

“Well turn it off! I’m trying to freaking sleep here.”Luhan grunted. He was whinier than usual today, Kai noticed.

“Then it’ll be too hot!” Kai said.

“Well get out of the blanket then! And God,could you stop trying to stir up a mini tsunami in my bed? You have all of the blanket bunched under you too! Are you trying to freeze me to death?” , Luhan complained as he turned around in the bed, turning his back to the wall because that position was freakin’ suffocating.

“Could you shut up for a second? I’m trying to be nervous about something over here!” Kai grumbled. He didn’t really know what he was thinking, saying that. Maybe he was trying to gain sympathies. But Luhan just turned around, turning his back at him again. “Okay.” He said simply, before drifting back to sleep. And once again, Kai had to fight down the urge to punch the other in the face...He had been getting that urge far too frequently lately. Kai didn’t ponder on why that was. He had other more important things to worry about.


For the three successive nights that followed, Kai repeated that ritual, climbing into Luhan’s bed somewhere near midnight and debating over how to follow through with his plans.Luhan didn’t make it any easier, always grumbling and whining about Kai making him sleep-deprived and giving him dark circles.

It was on the third night that Kai decided enough was enough. He just had to find out if he liked Luhan or not. It wasn’t like he was serenading to the guy or proposing to him or anything. He just wanted a teeny tiny kiss and that’d be all--hopefully.He was being a weenie for no reason.

He inhaled a shuddering breath before turning to, heart doing an involuntary summersault at the close proximity when he found Luhan’s right next to his, way closer than he had been expecting. He could feel the latter's breath on his lips and they started to burn. His insides tingling just like they had been the last time he kissed Luhan. Pulling in a shaky breath he said, “ Luhan, will you get very angry?”

“mm-hm?” Luhan mumbled, almost half asleep already.

Kai cleared his throat once when it felt like a lump had formed there. Then did it again, before asking, “ --if I kissed you.”

The moment the words left his mouth Kai realized how stupid the whole idea had been. It sounded stupid even to his own ears. What the fuck had he been thinking? They had been roommates for more than four months now and they were nothing more than on talking terms. Kai didn’t even like Luhan enough to want to be friends with him. So what was he thinking asking his permission for a kiss now?

Beads of sweat began to break across Kai’s forehead as he began to hyperventilate. He was an idiot. Idiot. he hissed at himself in his head. He had to get out of there. Luhan was half asleep and he’d probably brush it away as Kai’s idea of a joke.This was his best bet. To make a run for the door.Get out of here right now, he told himself and swung his legs out of the bed.

He hadn’t even sat up all the way when Luhan’s hand shot out to grip at his arm, pulling him back down.

Kai held his breath as Luhan propped himself over his elbows, looking into Kai’s face as if trying to figure if the other was serious. Kai felt himself shrink against the latter’s searching gaze. “That just depends--” Luhan began, gaze shifting to Kai’s lips and it felt weird. It was like Luhan was touching them, rubbing them with his fingers.

Kai felt torn between wanting to disappear into thin air and kissing Luhan senseless. His breath hitched as Luhan moved into his side, inching closer and closer... Kai could feel his warm breath on his lips now, “--on how good of a kisser you are.” Luhan finished, before leaning in to brush his lips across Kai’s in a soft caress.

One second his lips were there and the next they were gone, but Kai felt like his body had just been set on fire. Luhan gave his bottom lip another kittenish lick before pushing him away, both hands flush against his chest.

“Now that that’s over with you can move back to your own bed.” He said , “Away with you, Kai. You are suffocating me.” and he shoved kai away, almost pushing him completely off the bed.

After that?Yeah right. Kai thought as he snickered.He shoved Luhan right back, climbing half on top of him. “I’ll show you suffocating.” He said and Luhan groaned, the sound disappearing not long after because Kai was kissing him;really kissing him. And he never did get angry. Kai made pretty damn sure of that.
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