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PAIRING:HenBer[Henry x Amber]
GENRE: fluff,romance
DISCLAIMER: don't own 'em...
SUMMERY:Henry was having a bad day...until the hero came around...
A/N:HENBER AT LAST!!! biology exam, look what you made me do!..not beta-ed.

Henry had often heard people say, “Life isn’t a bed of roses.”

Some said it with regret…as if a bed of roses was all that the word needed to keep from coming to an end.

Others said it with a warning ring to their tone. Those who said it like that never failed to creep him out. For when they did, Henry could almost hear alarm bells ringing in his head.

Banners would start flashing in his mind,

“Be aware! Life isn’t a bed of roses!!! Boo!!”

But in that moment, Henry couldn’t have cared less about the roses. All he asked for was the bed. That and a steaming cup of coffee.

Having gone through an hour and a half long meeting with the music section head about the possibilities of him getting a private music instructor, as he had back in Canada, and some extra time in the music room after school hours, Henry now found himself making, or more like trying to make, his way out of the campus building. But having lived up to his own expectations, he had successfully managed to get himself completely lost.

Utterly drained of energy after all the arguing and explaining the need for his demands to a person who might as well be completely alien to the word ‘music’, considering the god awfully sensible arguments he had put up, Henry wasn’t too amused by the idea of getting lost. Wishing for probably the hundredth time that he hadn’t acted like such a know-it-all and told the guy appointed to showing him around the school for his first week there he would be fine alone, he let out a loud breath again.

Man! This sucks. He thought as he let his shoulders fall, searching for a way to release the tension in them that he hadn’t even realized was building up there.

With shoulders slumped, he dragged his feet after him, along the length of yet another corridor. The next corner he rounded brought him to a dead end. Great! He thought to himself.

In that moment all he asked of God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and all that was holy wasn’t so much. A BED!!! Just a bed! he cried mentally, looking skywards, eyes pleading.

Another couple minutes of walking through alien hallways and rounding unfamiliar corners and Henry realized. None of the holy entities seemed to be in the mood for lending him a helping hand. So he tried to bargain with god.

Okay, screw the bed. A couch, a mattress, a sleeping bag. ANYTHING! He just needed a place to crash and grab some shut eye.

The only place that the gods seemed to be offering him was the floor. Since Henry Lau sleeping on the floor of a school hallway was not a very likely possibility, the only other way to put it was, the gods were mocking him. After all, who knew what a god’s idea of quality humor was?

“F**k my life” Henry muttered under his breath.

His footsteps slowly came to a halt as he neared another corner. Sleep baffling his mind he cast a second glance at the linoleum floor. He felt his legs get heavier by the second, too heavy for him to continue carrying them.

A part of him told him to go ahead and take some rest on the floor.

Go on. Get some rest. You can continue looking for a way out later, it said. A couple of minutes of rest won’t kill.

It made the hard linoleum floor seem so tempting. So inviting. He felt like a hungry dog with a big juicy bone hanging in front of him.And in a moment of desperation, He forgot all about the roses AND the bed, about to drop his backpack to the ground and collapse with it.

But then the rational part of him awakened, punching him hard right in the face and throwing him awake at once.

Wake up sleepyhead! What the hell are you thinking?! It screamed at him.

With a start Henry realized just how idiotic the thought he had been dwelling on was.

He let his head fall to the side, bobbing up and down as he continued on with shoulders slumped. He let out a whimper of frustration, the sound shattering the heavy silence.

The silence! Henry’s mind screamed at him. When did it get so silent?! He wondered. He could feel fear setting in. He hated closed spaces and he was beginning to feel claustrophobic.

In his fright, he cast a backward glance, hesitant , eyebrows drawn together.

Man up Henry! Just find the main entrance and get the heck out already. He scolded himself, forcing himself to look back on ahead.

Drawing his cell phone out of his jeans pocket he flipped it open. It powered on for a second before a red light began flashing and within seconds, the screen went black again.

“Dude!” said Henry to his cell, “your timing’s impeccable.” He said sarcasm heavy in his voice.

In the silence his voice echoed off the tiled walls.

startled, he was about to look up and around again but he caught himself and Before the silence could creep him out any further, he shoved his hands into his pockets and started walking determinedly down the hallway again.

“Don’t worry. Be happy. Life is easy.” Henry kept chanting in his head. As if saying that would make things any different.

“Don’t worry. Be happy--” Henry stopped mid chant. Were those voices he just heard??

Yes they were! They were human voices!

His arms shot up into the air at that. Victory!! He shouted mentally before he broke into a run.

As he dashed down the hallway the voices got louder, clearer. He could distinguish between them now.

Henry could hear a voice cursing loudly. Another voice laughed. Somebody snickered and the cursing turned into frustrated shouting. He knew he could get into serious trouble, yet his legs continued carrying him on. How bad could it get anyway? It wasn’t like the guy was mad at him or anything.

He could just ask for instructions and go his way.yeah right!snickered a part of him. He chose to ignore it.

Two more steps and he’d be rounding the corner to where the voices were most definitely coming form.

One more step and- there he was, standing in front of a group of some five guys, all tall and well built.

During the one day that he had spent there he hadn’t seen a single person so muscular and-dare he say-fierce looking?

Henry almost scoffed at that…almost, or so he thought. For he had to have made some kind of sound. Why else would the guys he had been watching suddenly turn around to look behind them?

Henry saw the one who had been shouting earlier. That was the one who had his back to him when he arrived, the one who now stood not more then just a couple of inches from him.And for the first time, Henry realized just how tall he was. And how broad. AND how fierce his face was with that god awfully scary scar on his forehead.

snap snap “Why, hello there missy.” A voice pulled him back to reality. It was the same voice. The angry, husky one he knew belonged to the guy, the one that had been swearing earlier.Just the sound of it was enough to knock the living daylights out of him.

Uh-oh whispered a voice in his head in mock humor. what now?

“I-I was w-wondering if you could guide me towards the main exit!” Henry blurted out, stumbling.

The guy looked him up and down from head to toe, not looking amused in the least.

“Say what?” the guy chocked out, eyebrows shooting up, as he took another step forward.

“M-maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” Henry muttered before trying to turn back and walk out.

“woah woah! Not so fast” said another one of the guys, coming back behind Henry and pulling him back roughly, causing him to stumble slightly. “How come you don’t know where the exit is?” he inquired as he stood towering over him.

“Hyung, that’s the new guy. The foreign exchange student, you know?” another guy answered for Henry, coming forward.

“Now is that right?” the guy turned back to Henry. His look was cold. I’m in serious shit! thought Henry.


“And what might your name be, miss?”


“Henry! I see. I see. Well you see Henry, this isn’t your mamma’s land here. Things don’t work like that around here.”

By now they were all gathered around him. “Things don’t happen here for free.” the guy continued, well aware of the effect he had on Henry.

“You need help, we lend it. But that’s not all there is to it Henry.” he was now running his finger lightly over Henry’s cheek. “You do get me, don’t you?” He asked, eyes looking into Henry’s, hard and menacing.

“I-I don’t-”

“Leave him alone, Dae Jung!” A voice called from behind the guy and in the blink of an eye, the guy was lying on his back, howling in pain.

“Donghae, you take care of him.” The same voice said as Henry felt himself get roughly pulled back, away from the guys who had been surrounding him. ” I’ll take care of them here.”

Henry caught sight of his savior throwing punches at the rate of what felt like 'infinite per second' in the instant before he was pulled away by the guy named Donghae.

“sure, president.” Donghae muttered.

president, aye?




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