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HE HAD A BAD DAY ( 2 [i] / 3 )

PAIRING:HenBer[Henry x Amber]
GENRE: fluff,romance
DISCLAIMER: don't own 'em...
SUMMERY:Henry was having a bad day...until the hero came around...
A/N:LOOK LOOK!!! I WROTE ME A BIRTHDAY FIC!!! =DDD Guess I'm just awesome like that ;D


“sure, president.” Donghae muttered.
president, aye?

"Wait", Henry murmured as he wretched his arm free of Donghae's grip, voice coming out breathless and shaky instead of defiant, as he intended. His mind did not register the movement as his hand traveled up to his chest; seemingly on its own accord. Clutching the material of his shirt there like it was ready to rip it off; he tried to loosen up his muscles by rubbing circles into his chest. His rib cage suddenly felt like it was closing in on him, trying to choke him to death. He felt panic setting in, his mind thrusting endless questions and possibilities at him. Now that the adrenaline was gone, the delicacy of his situation finally hit him. The knowledge that he was still probably in as much danger as he ever had been didn’t help his case.

"w-who are you?" he forced out the question, nearly chocking on his own words as he attempted to speak through a throat that had suddenly gone as dry as a dessert. His legs automatically took a step away from Donghae, untrusting, eyes boring holes into him; skeptical.

Too many things were happening at once. Things were moving too fast for him to handle.

His breathing quickened, heart racing in his chest. He tried taking deep breaths to calm down his hyperactive nerves but realized, with striking celerity, that he couldn’t breathe! His lungs appeared to have turned into stone, allowing no room for air to get in. heavy beads of sweat broke out across his forehead. His vision started to blur as darkness began to envelop him. Terror gripped him. he was going to faint!

In a desperate attempt to get air into his lungs, he tried breathing through his mouth. Still nothing.

Hands came up to rest on his face, his hands he realized, and two faces came into his nearly blurred view. By now the world was swirling in front of his eyes, clouds of dark smoke dancing in his vision.

He tried not to let himself slip- he couldn’t pass out now- concentrating on the faces. ‘Donghae’ the name popped in his mind as he concentrated on the first face.

And then, just as his eyes landed on the second face his legs buckled, turning to flaccid jelly as he felt the ground rise to meet him, darkness embracing him with arms wide open.


Blinding light hit him as he tried to open his eyes, hands immediately shooting up to block it away. He shut his eyes back as tight as he could, his face scrunched up in distaste as he tried to squirm away from the bright light.

A strong hand brushed his hands away from his face, holding them both in one firm grip over his head. Another hand went to his face, turning it back to where it was faced earlier.

Henry gave up the fight as his eyelids darkened, suggesting the light had been put out, and risked opening his eyes into small slits, intending to inspect his surroundings. He had no idea of what was going on.

“You’re awake!” a voice exclaimed. Henry knew he had heard the voice before, but he couldn’t quiet place it. Whose voice was that? He tried to look, this time allowing his eyes to open completely, but could see nothing. He let his eyes adjust to the lighting.

“How are you feeling now?” the same voice chipped again, this time sounding more concerned then cheerful. Donghae he realized and the memories of the events leading up to his current situation finally returned to him.

“I-” He trailed off, unsure of how to respond and completely at a loss of words.

His earlier dilemmas were just about to return when Donghae, as if on cue, placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “Its okay, I won’t hurt you.” He said, “You are safe here.”

“So how are you feeling?” he asked again.

“I-” Henry began, “I think there’s a headache starting.” He replied truthfully.

“Of course there will be a headache. You hit your head pretty bad when you passed out. I’m just glad we were close by.” Donghae said, motioning with his elbow to some one behind him, hands too busy taking out tablets from a small glass bottle Before walking up and putting a tablet in his palm.ibuprofen Henry guessed.

Henry turned to look at who was behind him and at once his head began to spin, he almost fell off the small bed as he lost his balance. Donghae caught him just in time, holding him upright, almost dropping the disposable cup of water in the process, till he was steadier. “Now, now.” He said. “Take it easy, will’ya?”

Whoever it was that was behind him must have taken pity on him for he heard footsteps walk up to where he was.

It was the same face! The one he had seen before passing out. “Hey there!” The girl greeted as she extended her hand to shake his, “I’m Luna.” She informed.

“Hi, I’m Henry Lau.” Henry replied, trying best not to sound impolite.

“Henry!” she addressed him in a cheerful, yet understanding tone, “do you know where you are? Or who we are?” she asked, bending down to talk to Henry as one would talk to a child.

Henry shook his head-a little to forcefully- and Luna giggled. “You’re cute!” she said, pinching his cheek and making him squirm away from her. “Hey!” he cried.

“Sorry,” She said, giggling like she didn’t mean that one bit “but I couldn’t fight the urge.”

“Anyway-” she began when her initial delight at Henry’s mushiness had subsided.

This, Henry, is the student council’s homeroom.”

“We-” she said, pointing to herself and Donghae, “are the prefects. We are part of the student’s body council.”

As she stood there, filling Henry in on all the details, Henry couldn’t help but imagine her as an elementary school teacher. The way she would explain every detail to him like he was a naïve child was so cute Henry had to fight down his own urge to pinch her cheeks.

And” She exclaimed, “You aren’t listening.”

“Wha-NO! I am listening!” Henry argued.

“Yeah, yeah--” she said, walking away to the other end of the room.

Donghae, who had remained quiet up till then wondered out loud form where he sat in an arm chair,

“What could be taking them so long? Should we go check?” He asked Luna.

“Neh!” she declared. “They can take good care of themselves. The pres wanted you to take care of him, remember?” She pointed.

Just then the door flew open and the guy from earlier, the one, who Donghae kept calling ‘president’, came in, followed on his heel by another girl Henry didn’t recognize.

“Took care of ‘em.” The ‘president’ announced, brushing imaginary dust off his hands by clapping them together twice before shoving them into his pockets.

From the way he looked over at Henry and winked, Henry supposed he was talking about those guys who had cornered him earlier.

“so how are people doing?” he asked Donghae, nodding towards Henry like he wasn’t even present there.

Donghae smiled at her before replying, “He’s okay now. Passed out on us in the hallway but I think he’s better now. And just incase you’re wondering—“ he said, a small grin tucking at the corners of his lips, “Luna did take care of all the explaining.”

The president shot Luna an amused look before saying, “of course she would do that. Poor guy’s head must be close to explosion by now.”

At that Luna started complaining. The president shushed her by patting her cheek and apologizing with a laugh. What surprised Henry was that it actually worked!

After a while the president said, looking around at all of them,

“I guess we should all get going then--”

“I can trust you with him, right?” he asked, turning to Donghae and gesturing with his hands towards Henry.

”You know me pres! Do you even need to ask that?” donghae exclaimed, voice confident and slightly offended. ”leave him to me and rest assured. I’ll make sure he gets home okay.” Donghae replied, smile all rainbows and sunshine.

“Okay, so I guess we shall be leaving then.” The president said, turning to walk up to the girl who had come in with him. Draping his arm over the girl’s shoulder she called back, “Take care Hae. Stay safe Henry! Come on vic-”

ladies man, I see… Henry noted in his head. And no. Henry didn’t envy him at all for it. He wasn’t jealous one bit .

Distracted as he was Henry pulled his thoughts back. Before the guy could leave, Henry wanted to ask him something. He knew he should have just thanked him for saving him and let it go. He knew how rude he would sound being so blunt. Yet he had to ask it, so he called, voice raised,

“Why’d you save me?”

Henry expected him to be annoyed by the question but when the guy turned back to him, He looked more entertained then annoyed.

Without a minute’s thought, he answered, “Because I like your cheeks.”

He stated with another wink .for the next couple of seconds that came, Henry sat there, mouth hanging open in surprise. What was that again?

“Chao!” the presidents cheerful voice called, breaking through his frozen thoughts. Henry caught him throwing a half wave over his shoulder as he exited the room, the girl with the straight long hair leaving with him.

Donghae let out a sniffled chuckle at Henry’s expression and was quick to explain, “don’t take that seriously!”

“We helped because that’s what we are here for. The student’s body was made so that the teachers could be offered some help. The school is literally half run by us.” Donghae informed.

“ Guys, I’m off too.” Luna called, already halfway out of the door. “ bye!” she called.

Donghae called a brief “take care” before gathering his own stuff as well as Henry’s blazer and backpack, motioning for him to get up too.

Donghae continued talking as he led the way to the door, unaware that Henry wasn’t following him.

Henry took his time tying his shoe laces, trying to earn himself some time to enjoy being lazy. Because his gut instinct told him once he was off that bed and under Donghae’s able supervision, there would be no more lazing around.

From what little of him he had seen, Henry knew Donghae was one big ball of energy, a wind-whirl; constantly in motion and force-inducing motion in everything around him.

Henry remained bent for another extra second before straightening up and starting, “So-“ he did not get to say another word ,though, because Donghae had realized his absence and seemed to have decided that standing still and waiting for someone for more then two minutes straight was far too much.

So he grabbed Henry’s arm, cutting him off before he even had a chance to begin speaking, and towed him towards the door.

“Its going to get dark soon. We don’t want to run into any professional gangsters out in the streets so get going.” He said as he started down the hallway to the right, without letting go of Henry.

Henry pulled the door shut behind them in a hurry, narrowly avoiding stumbling over his own feet as he sped up his pace to meet Donghae’s.

As Donghae continued talking non-stop, Henry was only half aware of his surroundings and then before he knew it, they were walking out the campus entrance.

By then he was far too lost in his own thoughts to actually care for what Donghae was saying. Something felt out of place to Henry in the whole ‘president’ situation but he couldn’t quiet put a finger on it.

Then, just as they walked out of the entrance gates, it clicked into place. Confused, he called to Donghae, “Hyung, wasn’t the president supposed to be a girl?” he asked because he was pretty sure that’s what his bench mate had said earlier.

The question stopped Donghae in his tracks and Henry nearly collided with his back. He turned to Henry, expression dumbfounded, as if he felt that either he was an idiot for being asked that question or Henry was an idiot for asking that question. As Henry raised the water bottle to his mouth and took a sip, Donghae stated plainly,

“Amber is a girl.”


Donghae stood there, face drenched as Henry sprayed all the water from his mouth at him before falling into a fit of coughing, chocking over his own saliva.


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